Mount Ijen Tour Attractions

For those of you who don’t know what mount Ijen is, you are missing out on a really beautiful place. Mount Ijen in East Java, Indonesia is an active volcano. The mountain area is located in two districts, namely Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. This mountain has an altitude of 2,443 masl and is located side by side with Mount Merapi. One of the most famous natural phenomena of Mount Ijen is the crater located at its peak. The Ijen crater is an acidic crater lake located at the top of Mount Ijen with a height of 2,443 meters above sea level with a lake depth of 200 meters and an area of craters reaching 5,466 hectares, makes the crater known to be the largest acidic water lake in the world. Beside the Ijen crater, there are many more mount ijen tour attractions that can make you want to visit this place.

Blue Fire

When talking about Ijen, we can’t miss out the blue fire. Every morning around 2:00 to 4:00, around the Ijen crater can be found the phenomenon of blue fire. It is a really unique phenomenon because this natural scenery only occurs in two places in the world, namely Iceland and Ijen. Not surprisingly geologists and researchers also visit this place. Climbing time to the blue fire from Pos Paltuding is approximately 3-4 hours. If you climb in the early hours, then not only do you get to see the blue fire, but also the beauty of sunrise from the peak of Mount Ijen.

Tosca colored Ijen crate

Because of the acidic nature, you will find a spectacular view of the combination of the greenish crater lake, the length of the hiking trail, and the view of Sulphur smoke floating into the sky. So many people choose to take a picture here and for you who wants to commemorate this mount ijen tour, the crate is just the right place to do it.

Visiting Sulphur Mines

Ijen Crater became a livelihood for some of the local residents around to mine Sulphur. Tourists who come can see the activity in the morning. Sometimes the locals will offer you to try getting the sulfur or bringing the already packed sulfur baskets. If you like spending time with locals and getting to know about them, this is the right activity for you.

Does this article convince you to go to mount Ijen? Don’t forget to prepare for your future mount Ijen tour!

Privileges If you Mount Bromo Tour

Are you a real traveler? You have traveled to every corner of the earth. But have you ever traveled to Mount Bromo? Are you interested in touring with your family and traveling partners to go there? Then what are the special features on Mount Bromo?

Mount Bromo is located in East Java, of course for you it is very far if you live outside of East Java, but are you not a traveler who is used to traveling now, which is certainly not a problem.

  1. Privileges of the sunrise moment on Bukit Pananjakan
    Enjoying the moment of sunrise is undoubtedly not a strange thing for you who are traveling, but this is where it is unique if you visit this natural Mount Bromo tour!
    If you climb to the top of Mount Pananjakan, you will see a stretch of sand that is very beautiful when the sun appears first to start the day, as well as a row of Mount Semeru, Batok, and Bromo. Beautiful isn’t it?
  2. The Famous Sunrise is the target of tourists
    There is no mistake if these beautiful moments are dubbed “the famous sunrise” by most foreign media. There are already many jeeps available for rent for travelers around the lodging; the vehicle departs at around 3:00 a.m., so the tone must be ready too! When you Mount Bromo tour Tengger Semeru National Park, you will not only be able to climb Semeru Mountain, but you will also enjoy views of Padang Savana on Mount Bromo and the sea of whispers.
  3. Don’t forget Mount Bromo Padang Savanna
    Once you are satisfied looking at the steep sand and rocks in Mount Bromo natural tourism, you will find a view of the expanse of grassland with ornamental ferns and a variety of beautiful flowers and contrasting green hills in Padang Sava Bromo. In addition to a small hill that resembles a hill series Teletubbies, there is also a large hill that rises to resemble a replica of a mountain in Padang Savana known to the public.
  4. Diverse attractions
    Mount Bromo is a famous mountain which is one of the tourist attractions of several districts. Besides being a tourist place in Malang, it is also a tourist place in Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and even in Lumajang. Why is that? This is because the location of Mount Bromo is indeed in the four districts.
    In addition to the things above, Mount Bromo also has a local culture that is maintained, and also famous for Hinduism, this can be proven by the existence of several temples found in that location.
    Maybe that’s all that can get this article discussed: how? Have you prepared for the tour to Mount Bromo?

The Long and Short Mount Bromo Tour

Each package provided by Mount Bromo tour, the most important tourist destination to be visited is to go to Penanjakan Hill to see the beautiful sunrise and afterward climb Bromo Mountain to see the exotics crater. But as for other tourist destinations that will be visited, only if you choose a long mount Bromo tour. To find out the difference between a long and short mount Bromo tour, here’s the explanation:

  1. The short mount Bromo tour.
    This package usually consists of midnight packages and sunrise packages, which both of these activities only require a short time so they are included in the short mount Bromo tour. You need to wake up in the early morning because the jeep car will pick you up at the hotel then head to Penanjakan. We recommend that you take this trip on a weekday so that Penanjakan is not too crowded, even though at any time this place will be full of people who want to see a beautiful sunrise. Then people can take photos to share on their social media.

After seeing the sunrise, you can climb Mount Bromo to see the crater. Jeep will deliver you in a dusty ramps area, then you can walk to the crater for 10 minutes. But if you want to have a new experience or bring your child, you can rent a local horse there. After completion, you will be escorted back to the hotel and to Probolinggo or Surabaya.

  1. The long mount Bromo tour.
    If you choose the long tour package, after climbing Mount Bromo to see the crater, you will not immediately be taken to return to the hotel by a jeep driver, but will still visit several other tourist attractions for one hour. The places are Tengger Sand Sea and the Savanna Hill. At the Tengger Sand Sea, there is the volcanic sand which is popular for people who do off-road moto. This place has incredible views, so do not forget to take photos on each trip. Whereas in Savanna Hill, you can see plants that are green or an island of green, so that it will make anyone who is there feel cool and calm.

You need to know also that there are things that are included in the Mount Bromo tour package and some are not, which are included pick up from your hotel or airport, transport in a nice car, professional local driver, entrance fee for mount Bromo and drop off at your hotel again.