Mount Ijen Tour Attractions

For those of you who don’t know what mount Ijen is, you are missing out on a really beautiful place. Mount Ijen in East Java, Indonesia is an active volcano. The mountain area is located in two districts, namely Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. This mountain has an altitude of 2,443 masl and is located side by side with Mount Merapi. One of the most famous natural phenomena of Mount Ijen is the crater located at its peak. The Ijen crater is an acidic crater lake located at the top of Mount Ijen with a height of 2,443 meters above sea level with a lake depth of 200 meters and an area of craters reaching 5,466 hectares, makes the crater known to be the largest acidic water lake in the world. Beside the Ijen crater, there are many more mount ijen tour attractions that can make you want to visit this place.

Blue Fire

When talking about Ijen, we can’t miss out the blue fire. Every morning around 2:00 to 4:00, around the Ijen crater can be found the phenomenon of blue fire. It is a really unique phenomenon because this natural scenery only occurs in two places in the world, namely Iceland and Ijen. Not surprisingly geologists and researchers also visit this place. Climbing time to the blue fire from Pos Paltuding is approximately 3-4 hours. If you climb in the early hours, then not only do you get to see the blue fire, but also the beauty of sunrise from the peak of Mount Ijen.

Tosca colored Ijen crate

Because of the acidic nature, you will find a spectacular view of the combination of the greenish crater lake, the length of the hiking trail, and the view of Sulphur smoke floating into the sky. So many people choose to take a picture here and for you who wants to commemorate this mount ijen tour, the crate is just the right place to do it.

Visiting Sulphur Mines

Ijen Crater became a livelihood for some of the local residents around to mine Sulphur. Tourists who come can see the activity in the morning. Sometimes the locals will offer you to try getting the sulfur or bringing the already packed sulfur baskets. If you like spending time with locals and getting to know about them, this is the right activity for you.

Does this article convince you to go to mount Ijen? Don’t forget to prepare for your future mount Ijen tour!

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